Recycling at Kewell Converters

Recycling at Kewell Converters Ltd!

At KCL are very proud of our ISO14001 Certification.  For anyone unfamiliar with this it’s the international standard , Environment Management System. 

In simple terms, globally, as businesses and individuals  we all need to do more and more for the environment, and ensuring we are working towards being as Green as possible.  We can all do more to ensure longevity of our planet. 

As we major converters of Closed Cell Polyethylene foam, the raw material is created in a block/bun form and we have to slice off the skins at the top and bottom of each block to allow us to supply our customers, and produce our finished products.  These skins are then stored in our warehouse facility and are then supplied into a sporting application!  These skins are used in Archery targets!  Who would have thought ?! 

The reason why these skin sheets are used for this application is for various reasons.   It allows arrows to penetrate into the foam and stick to the mark, without going through the product or just bouncing off. Such an obvious reason now!  Also its closed cell.  Archery is play outdoors, so its critical the rain doesn’t go into the foam, which causes mould.  The rain simply just dries off the archery target!  Now it seems just so obvious!

This is just one simple application where KCL are helping the environment and supplying a high quality product too!  A big win for the customer and users,  and also a big win for the planet, as the skins do not end up in landfill!

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