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Kewell Converters invite members from the UK Gasket & Sealing Association to a factory tour

Showcasing Innovation: The UK Gasket & Sealing Members Visit

Showcasing Innovation: The UK Gasket & Sealing Members Visit

Last month, Kewell Converters had the privilege of hosting a select group of members from the UK Gasket & Sealing Association at our factory. This visit offered us a unique platform to demonstrate the depth of our expertise, the breadth of our engineering capabilities, and the innovative spirit that constitutes the backbone of our operations.

For years, our affiliation with the UK Gasket & Sealing Association has been a source of pride for us, so having the opportunity to host this event was nothing short of an honour. The day was designed to not just showcase our facilities but to open a dialogue on the future of engineering and design in the foam industry, and how Kewell Converters plays a pivotal role in shaping that future.

Kewell Converters invite members from the UK Gasket & Sealing Association to a factory tour

Tour highlights

The visit brought together 10 esteemed guests and offered them an exclusive look into our world of foam technology and engineering solutions. The day was filled with excitement and discovery as we embarked on a comprehensive tour across the factory floor, where our cutting-edge machinery took centre stage. The array of equipment, including tubing and cording machines, laminators, presses, contour cutters, waterjet machines, and routers, captivated our visitors, offering them a first-hand view of our in-house production capabilities.

Notably, our third-generation original machine — still in operation today for producing polyethylene cord from sheet material — illustrated our enduring reliability and efficiency of our production techniques.

The surprise at the size of our stockholding was palpable, reflecting the scale at which we operate to meet diverse industry needs.

It was rewarding to demonstrate our recycling efforts, highlighting the re-purposing of unused material layers and our inventive foam wall insulation technique, which employs scrap materials.

Members were particularly intrigued by our heat laminating of foam sheets, heat bonding of backing foams, and the precision cutting capabilities enabled by our waterjets. Our experience using water jet cutting technology has resulted in remarkable efficiency and versatility upgrades. Having invested in this area for over two decades, we’ve seen considerable benefits from its flexibility and precision. The transition to three advanced water-only jet machines has dramatically enhanced our efficiency and capability, offering versatility in material processing. Our guests engaged in lively debates on the potential applications of this technology, intrigued by its precision cutting capabilities. This technology not only shows our commitment to innovation but also how we strive to deliver custom solutions that address the unique challenges of our clients.

Kewell Converters invite members from the UK Gasket & Sealing Association to a factory tour

Engineering excellence

The visit allowed us to show our problem-solving ethos. Our approach—balancing cost, durability, and sustainability—shows the significant impact of our work beyond mere problem resolution. Engineering, to us, means enhancing lives through innovation.

The broader discussions and interactions of the day showed a shared optimism about the sector’s future, amidst candid conversations about ongoing challenges in supply chain reliability, product quality, and market pressures.

Acknowledgements and reflections

The visit concluded with lunch served from a local pizza van and all members received personalised gifts crafted from foam. Simon Winfield, Chair of the UKGSA, lauded our engineering and design prowess, a commendation that fills us with immense pride.

Our Managing Director, Nick Kewell, summed up the day’s spirit perfectly, noting the wealth of stimulating discussions and debates that took place. It wasn’t just an event but a gathering that fostered learning, exploration, and mutual admiration for the possibilities within our industry.

Looking forward

Hosting the UK Gasket & Sealing Association was an illuminating experience for everyone involved. It was an occasion that went beyond showcasing our technological accomplishments and into fostering a sense of community, exchange, and prospective collaboration. Here’s to many more such gatherings where innovation meets purpose, and journeys into the future of manufacturing and design are embarked upon together.

Thank you to all the UKGSA members and the wonderful team at Kewell Converters for making it such a memorable and insightful event.

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Kewell Converters invite members from the UK Gasket & Sealing Association to a factory tour