Space Hippie - the future footwear?


Nike Has launched possibly it's most unusual footwear collection to date, constructed from "space junk". The Space Hippie range transforms post - customer and factory waste, literally the scrapmaterial from factory floors, into radical designs.


There Is No Resupply Mission on Mars (or Earth)

Space Hippie is an exploratory footwear collection inspired by life on Mars

—where materials are scarce and there is no resupply mission. Created

from scraps, or “space junk,” Space Hippie is the result of sustainable

practices meeting radical design.

Made with Space Waste Yarn

One athlete's trash is another’s treasure. Space Hippie’s Flyknit yarn is

made from 85-90% recycled content, including plastic bottles, t-shirts and

post-industrial scraps.

Crater Foam tooling uses about 12% Nike Grind rubber combined with

foam materials for a more sustainable, lightweight and responsive feel

during city exploration.

A Radically Different Future

Protecting the future of sport starts with reimagining the ways in which we

create the products we love the most. Space Hippie is Nike’s latest step

toward a better future, but we must work as a team to move the world

toward climate action.

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