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Our factory and head office in Edenbridge Kent

Strength in Diversity: Celebrating the Women of Kewell Converters

Strength in Diversity: Celebrating the Women of Kewell Converters

Amidst our daily operations, it’s clear how crucial each team member is to our success, especially the women of Kewell Converters whose efforts are vital in our Kent based manufacturing business. On International Women’s Day, we recognize their achievements and the positive impact they have on our organization.

We share stories of key members of our operations team revealing their career path and personal journey.

Maria’s Resilience and Radiance

A Bulgarian native, her transition to the UK was a symphony of resilience and adaptability. After moving to the UK a decade ago, Maria’s professional voyage brought her to Kewell Converters, where she orchestrates projects with the precision of an accountant (and is a former accountant!).

She had to adjust to a new life over here where language, work, and family waltzed intricately.

From assembling intricate parts to the delicate art of quality control, Maria takes immense pride in her work and advises the support her colleagues provide in a close-knit group. Her job at Kewell Converters allows her to balance the rigors of work with family life, all within the familiar haven of her hometown of Edenbridge where our factory is based.

Maria refers back to the big nights of International Women’s Day in Bulgaria. With a reminiscent smile and a gleam in her eye, she recollects the grandeur of this celebration, lauding the deserved revelry that paints the town in layers of empowerment and pride.

Julie’s Flourish as a Team Leader

With nearly a decade of dedication and devotion, Julie has curated a team that embodies the essence of unity. Her past, as a florist and a business owner, instils within her a sense of entrepreneurial grit, while her present at Kewell Converters fortifies this spirit with the mantra of inclusivity and growth.

Julie’s narrative isn’t just about adaptation; it’s about thriving. The transition from the delicate world of floristry was a pivot to maintain a work life balance.  But learning never retires in the pages of her story, and when Kewell Converters introduced lean manufacturing, she relished the opportunity to learn more.

Julie’s team is a beacon of her indomitable spirit; a space where innovation intersects with humour, where respect intermingles with camaraderie. Her honesty serves as a call and a path that leads towards recognition.

The support and flexibility Julie appreciates at Kewell Converters is not a one-sided tale, but a mutual understanding, a pact of empathy that forms the essence of the company’s ethos. Training and development serve as beacons of recognition, rewards not just for her but as a testament to the organization’s belief in the power of nurturing talent within its fold. Julie’s ascent to the role of team leader is a story of perpetual growth. She stands as a role model to others and was once the only woman in the factory. Julie adapted, but she did so without compromising her integrity. Her honesty, became not just her tools, but her trademarks. At Kewell Converters, she wasn’t just noticed; she was revered.

A Philosophy of Diversity and Inclusion

International Women’s Day isn’t just a dot on the calendar; it’s a testament to highlight and celebrate all the women in our family business that has been established for over five decades. Kewell Converters is not just a collection of men and women; it is an ensemble of hearts, minds, and voices, preaching a philosophy of diversity and inclusion that resonates within and beyond the factory gates.

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