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All You Need to Know About PebaxFoam®

PebaxFoam® is a unique range of high performance foam including variety of hardness and others based on Biobased Pebax (Rnew), breathable grades and anti-static grades.

The unique properties of these foams make them high-tech components for wide and varied applications ranging from sports and leisure to clothing or from footwear to medical industries.

The first of the Pebaxfoam range to be commercialised is a medium grade PebaxFoam M55 although samples quantities of other densities from different Pebax grades are available.

Key benefits of PebaxFoam

•  Resistance properties at low temperature
•  Ultra light weight
•  Excellent energy return
•  Good cushioning
•  Anti-slip / high friction
•  Outstanding shape recovery
•  Impact protection
•  Elasticity
•  Good thermal insulation
•  Superior tear resistance
•  Soft touch / comfort
•  Abrasion resistance
•  Low compression set
•  Easy to thermoform and over-mould
•  Waterproof
•  Thermoformable
•  UV stable
•  Breathable (option grade)
•  Bio Based (option grade)

If you should have any questions concerning our Pebaxfoam range, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to help you and speak further.