2D Foam Components

Due to our huge collection of technology and machining capabilities we have the in house production resource to fabricate and shape foam into a vast array of 2D Foam parts for all manner of industries and markets where foam components and foam parts are needed. We are a converter of foam materials into 2D foam products typically using a combination of machines and process with well experienced staff and design experience. We hold enormous amounts of foam materials in sheet and block form onsite to then essentially slice and dice foam down to precision and detailed 2D foam gaskets/seal/gap fillers for multi-million dollar semi-conductor processing machines or state of the art heat seeking missiles for examples or simple but large format engineers kneeling mats for comfort and support or jig-saw leisure judo mats for body protection. We can help you formulate your design and specifications for 2D FOAM PARTS and 2D FOAM COMPONETS to suit your project and job in hand fit for purpose.