Custom Foam Profiles

Featured above is an example of the 3D profile work we undertake at Kewell Converters Ltd. from concept through design and development to prototype and production.

This is an innovative armband to help children progress with their swimming skills - adults too.

Made from lightweight closed-cell foam which is waterproof and buoyant, the armband has an advantage over its air-filled counterparts in that, of course, it will never puncture, has an unlimited life span and is convenient to use - with none of that wearying blowing up necessary.

Each concentric circle was cut on one of our state-of-the-art computer controlled machines, which can manage designs from simple to complex. The wavy inner hole provides grip on the child's arm. As less and less support is needed in the water, rings can be taken off progressively.

This is the sort of project we love at KCL - interesting, technically-challenging and, above all, the end product makes a huge difference to every person who uses it.  Similarly this could be an industrial foam part for an engineering application to fill/plug a gap/void or position/cushion/protect a piece of equipment.