Designer Foam Mats

We've all used foam mats in our time, whether for yoga, exercise classes or to make sleeping just that little bit more comfortable when camping. At Kewell Converters Ltd. we can make those everyday foam mats for the sports and leisure industry but we also make specialised designer foam mats to our clients' specification, to serve a more niche market.

For children, for nurseries, playgroups and early year’s classes in primary schools, we can make beautiful play mats. These could be in one roll-up piece with your choice of design, or interlocking foam tiles, all in vibrant colours and with pop-out symbols and shapes to order.

We use high quality, closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate(EVA) foam, which is lightweight so convenient to use and to store. It's helpful for protection against trips and falls on otherwise hard floors. It's also easy to keep clean with just a wipe down.

For your information, there has been concern expressed in the past about the toxicity of foam mats for babies and young children. EVA foam contains a substance called formamide, used to make it more pliable. Extensive tests have shown that any possible gas emission drops off extremely quickly and the levels are in any case, way below what could conceivably cause any harm through inhalation - so you can rest assured that the mats serve their purpose in total safety.

Another type of designer foam mat we produce is bespoke pads for kneeling - ideal for gardening and DIY. These can either be free-standing, or the sort which can be strapped to knees for convenience. A substantial layer of shock absorbing EVA foam could be encased in durable, waterproof neoprene.