Foam Shapes/Logos/POS (inc. Letters & Words)

Foam Shapes/Logos/Point of Sale Displays (Inc. Letters & Words) can be manufactured to order to clients brief and specification. Seldom a Carnival event occurs without the use of PLASTAZOTE in the construction of extravagant costumes, headdresses and carnival floats. Available in a wide range of vibrant colours, PLASTAZOTE is exceptionally light-weight, and is thought to be the only plastic foam of its type to meet the rigorous Oeko-Tex 100 dermal contact compatibility requirements.

PLASTAZOTE is used for costume and props in many stage productions and has even appeared in Hollywood feature films. Its strength and impact absorbing qualities have encouraged its use in action movies while its long life durability ensure its performance over the longest of theatre runs.

Zotefoams is the world’s leading manufacturer of polyolefin block foams marketed under the PLASTAZOTE,  EVAZOTE and SUPAZOTE brands. AZOTE foams are characterised by their outstanding physical performance characteristics, consistent cell size, depth of colour and lack of in-built stresses. These high purity materials have been used for artistic purposes for many years and the ability to manipulate them is seen as a commercial skill in creative circles.

AZOTE/PLASTAZOTE FOAM OUTSTANDING PROPERTIES • Lightweight yet durable • Wide selection of vibrant colours • Pure and non-staining • Extremely low odour • Non-toxic and safe • Outstanding moisture resistance • High shear strength • Consistent, with regular cell size • Very low levels of in-built stress • Good impact absorbing properties • Excellent compression / tension characteristics • Wide range of densities • Flame retardant grades available.