Niche Foam Shapes, Parts & Profiles


At Kewell Converters Ltd. we combine decades of manufacturing experience with a cutting-edge design team, always on the lookout for ways to develop and innovate. We have the in-house capability to provide you with high-performance foam solutions to a wide range of engineering problems, developing and producing repeatable, durable and economically-viable key parts for your process or application - with the added advantage of chemical inertia and heat resistance, if required.

Do you have a part or a profile you need to create which is no longer manufactured or was created in a now unsustainable or uneconomic material?  We have the knowledge, skill and dedication you are looking for to solve your engineering problem. We can deliver large volumes of economic but skilfully-designed foam parts to overcome whatever challenges you may have.

What are the different Niche Foam Shapes?

  • 2D Foam Components
  • 3D Foam Parts
  • Foam Mouldings
  • Designer Foam Mats
  • Custom Foam Profiles