Complex Foam Packaging

Kewell Converters are inherently involved in the design and manufacture of complex foam packaging with a range of cellular foam materials typically in closed cell polyethylene foams such as AZOTE or PLASTAZOTE foam and also closed cell NEOPRENE (EPDM) Sponge rubber foams with some use of OPEN cell foams on occasion when warranted. As a very much engineering based company we tend to look at specification and end uses in detail whilst giving much more consideration to complete overall packaging solution and end costs to customers and applications which tends to give rise to the best job. We endeavour to propose both foam materials and designs to give clients value for money and great packaging solutions to meet budget and product expectations/needs. Technical requirements are always key as are design to incorporate economical manufacturing techniques/processes involved and best yields from raw foam materials to produce practical and function end foam packaging fit for purpose. We work with the customers brief and targets to deliver complex foam packaging with huge in house fabrication capabilities (machines), foam raw materials in stock and foam design know how incorporating AUTODESK/AUTOCAD, RADAN and MASTERCAM CAD/CAM/CNC software together with reverse engineering 3D probe come scanner. To this end we can simply convert foam blocks materials into complex foam packaging to suit your needs such as Foam Trays, Foam Inserts, Foam Furniture, Foam End Caps, Foam Inners, Foam Liners, Foam Packers, Foam Fillers, Foam Case Inserts, Foam Cradles, Foam Dunnage’s, Foam Profiles, Foam Castellation’s, Foam Mouldings, Foam Machined Components, Custom Foam Parts, Foam T-Pieces, Foam Y-Sections, Foam Line Side Packaging and many more to your custom and bespoke requirements. We design and make to order complex foam packaging, working with you turning ideas and concepts into reality for industrious and real life use.