Foam Pads / End Caps

At Kewell Converters Ltd. we don't just make complex foam inserts for packaging but also the simpler foam pads and end-caps. These have a low unit cost and are therefore most suitable for single-trip use, though they are durable enough to be used multiple times if necessary.

However, they are also water-resistant, non-abrasive when high-value, fragile electronic equipment such as industrial/commerical lap-tops, tablets and touch-screens/LCD panels are being delivered, polyethylene foam end-caps protect them from damage resulting from impact and vibration. Water resistance and a non-abrasive surface means that your product will reach its final destination in factory perfect-condition.

Foam pads are used to line cardboard transit boxes for the same purpose, and we also fabricate corner blocks and edge-protectors.

Polyethylene comes in a range of densities to meet your specific requirements. Our technical experts will be happy to advise you about the most effective and cost-effective foam solution for your purpose.