Foam Strips

We provide foam strips in all kinds of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. We use cutting-edge technology to make sure the foam strips are cut to precise measures and meet your needs. None of our products are off the shelf and all of the foam strips that we produce are cut to the customer’s desired size. KCL provides bespoke foam strips to meet your individual needs with a wide range of uses. We provide foam strips and materials for all kinds of industries and our products are perfect for a wide number of uses.

Our bespoke foam strips are cut to the customer’s desired size to achieve foam strip width, foam strip thickness and foam strip length. This also includes the necessary tolerances applied and finished by way of special strip cutting machines. Our professional solutions are designed to make sure that you receive the highest level of product. We use a range of high-quality strip cutting machines, automatic vertical cutting machines and even CNC Water-Jet cutting machines to create your desired solution.

No matter what kind of foam strip you are looking for, we are confident of offering you the perfect solution. We have created a wide range of products for all kinds of purposes and specific design briefs. If you are looking for something other than foam strips, then we also have other products that might be of use to you. We also offer foam sections and foam panels that might be better suited to meet your individual needs. Make sure you get in touch with us today and we can help to make sure that you get the right product to suit your needs.