Foam Sheets / Foam Blocks

We provide foam sheets and foam blocks for all kinds of purposes and requirements. Our foam materials are custom made to your desired size. We are an approved and certified distributor and supplier of Zotefoams Plc foam materials (Azote Foams, Plastazote Foam, Evazote Foam, Supazote Foam, Propozote Foam, ZOTEK Foam, ZOTEK ® PEBA Foam, MicroZote Foam) and can supply sheet foam and block foam to any size - we slit/skive/laminate (weld) and cut to thickness as required. Various densities and hardness of foam are available as well as a range of different colours to make sure that we suit your needs.

Zotefoams foam produces an unparalleled range of closed-cell, cross-linked, polyolefin foams using a unique, environmentally friendly, high-pressure nitrogen gas solution process. Products are available in special grades with flame retardant additives that are suitable for the construction and aerospace industries. It is also available with conductive or static dissipative properties for electronics manufacturing and packaging. Foams are produced in a wide density range from 15kg/m³ (1lbs/ft³) up to 120kg/m³ (7.5lbs/ft³). This means that we are able to supply you with the exact product that you’re looking for. No matter what your needs, we are confident that we can offer you the perfect product.

We can supply sheet foam and block foam to any size, as per our clients' specifications. Using our extensive in-house machinery, we can slit, skive (cut into thin layers), laminate or weld pieces together.  We are able to cut to thickness as required, precisely and cleanly, using whichever density, rigidity or colour of foam is required to match the needs of the application. We also provide a number of other foam materials and products to make sure we provide the perfect solution. This includes products such as foam panels, foam sections and foam rolls. If you’re looking for any kind of foam material, then make sure that you contact us to place your order.