Foam Bungs / Plugs

KCL produce foam bungs and plugs in different grades of foam for a wide variety of applications, some obvious and some more surprising. For the pharmaceutical and medical industries, foam bungs and plugs are required in sterile laboratory settings, for instance, for test tubes. Foams such as AZOTE are produced in such a way to give them a high level of purity and chemical inertness making them ideal for such hygienic applications. They will resist high temperatures too, allowing them to be autoclaved for maximum cleanliness.

In the marine and sailing world, moulded foam bungs are used extensively, for example, to plug self-bailers, as emergency plugs when the hull is breached and end plugs for mast posts. It goes without saying that the water-resistant properties of the foam are fundamental. In the building trade, foam bungs may also be used for various purposes, such as in the construction of conservatories, around the end boss of the roof. Closed-cell foam bungs are used by hi-fi manufacturers to fine-tune the performance of a speaker's bass.

Finally, and most surprising, foam bungs are much in demand in the fly-fishing market - indeed, at the moment, Kewell Converters is working on a huge batch of these. Though traditional fly-fishers regard them with disdain, foam bungs are now used on hooks, with the fishing fly suspended beneath. This gives an angler instant indication the moment a fish has taken the fly.

Whatever your foam bung or plug needs, KCL can provide, as you can see, for a vast range of applications. We understand your needs and design foam bungs and plugs that are perfect for your industry. Kewell Converters have a wide range of experience and history in producing foam materials for a wide range of industries and purposes. We also have a range of other products that could be useful to your industry. Take a look at our range of products by browsing through the products menu on the left. If you have any questions about our services then don't hesitate to get in contact.